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Midwifery care in the Valley's Newest Birth Center

The Birth Place is a destination for all things birth! We are a mother friendly (www.motherfriendly.org), free-standing birth center, registered with the State of Alaska. We house several different midwife practices allowing families to stick with the same midwives throughout their pregnancy and birth. Our midwives are Certified Direct-entry Midwives, licensed with the State of Alaska. We feel that the relationship between women and their midwives is important to building trust, and a trusting midwife-client relationship makes way for a fearless, safe, and wonderful birth experience.

Giving birth is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. At The Birth Place, we believe:

  • Birth is a normal, healthy life process. Respect for the normal process of pregnancy and birth is the cornerstone of midwifery care.
  • Low risk births are most appropriately handled by midwives. Every woman deserves to have a midwife that is educated and experienced enough to provide safe care.
  • When women are the most relaxed and in control of their environment, they have better outcomes and experiences. The Birth Place offers a home-like, relaxing environment, free of “routine” interventions done in most hospitals.
  • Birth should be a family centered experience, encompassing each client's unique beliefs and need for a safe and satisfying birth experience.